Handcrafted Luxury

SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi has time and again refined and redefined the India Modern aesthetic with their thoughtfully and stunningly realised campaigns, sprawling stores and an incredibly inspiring work culture steeped in conviviality and empowerment. Upholding the values of sustainability and reviving ancient Indian crafts and making indigenous textiles relevant to today's well travelled and evolved style cognoscenti and staying true to its commitment to empowering craftsmen - SVA has been a beacon of mindful luxury with a strong conscience. As a brand deeply rooted in sustainable values and circular economy, SVA has always believed in zero wastage, recycling and upcycling by intelligently using up all the leftovers in trims and handmade potlis. Creating a healthy ecosystem with an unquestioning allegiance to its artisans and workers, SVA has ensured that its beating heart - the atelier's craftsmen are impossibly empowered and their creativity is valued by nurturing their talent and harnessing their craft in a great working environment. Moreover, the brand provides its valued artisans with all medical insurances, and educational support for their families. Superimpose unbridled creativity with the values of sustainability and empowerment and that pretty much sums up our core discipline.